Dancing on the Edge

Tuesday evenings at the Spirit Studio, Spirit Health Club, Holiday Inn, Barnwood. Fun, informal adult dance classes, aimed at improving fitness and core strength, increasing flexibility & complete body tone.

Stretch & Tone - 19:30-20:15

This class works on fitness, strength, core stability and flexibility. A perfect class if you want to tone up and stretch out those muscles. This class is suitable for everyone.


Adult Ballet - 20:15-21:00

A traditional ballet class but with none of the old traditions - no scary ballet mistress, pink tights or leotards here!

Classical exercises at the barre and in the centre set to traditional and modern music. If you loved ballet as a child no matter how much or how little you did, this is your chance to love it again. And if you've never done ballet before but want to give it a try - come along and enjoy our fun, friendly ballet class.

Adult Tap - 21:00-21:45

An excellent way to do a cardio workout without realising it! Tap is great for increasing your fitness level, and with its timing and beats to get the hang of, it's fab for keeping your mind in check too!


"Thank you so much, great class - just what I've been looking for for years!"

6 week courses with payment due on or before the first session:

Stretch & Tone only - £30.00

Adult Ballet only - £30.00

Adult Tap only - £30.00

Multiple class prices are:

Two classes - £54.00

Three classes - £72.00

Interested in coming along to try, drop me an email

to say 'Hi' and then come along:


Thank you! I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it ... It was fab to be back doing something I love.